Festival openers is the most competitive solution for opening botteled beverages on festivals and larger events.

Be competitive

Make your company a winner


We have the solution for you to be able to meet the demand of major festivals and stadiums in opening bottled beverages. This also provides better ergonomics for personnel. We also have the solution for smaller festivals and bars.



The universal opener


This opener is designed to open 15 or 20 bottles of ice cold beer at once. The cusomer get the beer served in a bottle of PET plastic. No glass that can harm people and animals. The crown cork caps stays in the serving area.


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The bottle-opener ledge


This is a time winning ergonomic solution for open bottles at the bar. The bartender can take two bottles and open them at the same time without needing to find the opener. The bottle-opener ledge is a wrist saver as well.

The ledge is made in anodized aluminium.

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